Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lose 26 Pounds Eating at Home

Does this sound like you?
“I am so frustrated with my ability to lose weight. I exercise 5 days per week, and still can’t seem to lose weight. I make all the right choices when eating out, too.”

Think about how many times you eat out. As simple as it seems, eating half (or more) of your meals at restaurants can make it extremely difficult to lose weight even if you “make the right choice”.

We often lose track of how many meals we are eating out, and then seem mystified as to why we can’t see the pounds drop.

Restaurants sneak in extra oils, butters, and mystery sauces creating high calorie foods.

By cutting 2 tablespoons of butter or oil, you can save 200 to 300 calories. That equals half a pound of weight loss every week!

At restaurants, you don’t have as much control over the portion that is on your plate. When at home, you can easily follow the half plate vegetable rule.

However, the restaurants will serve up double or triple what you need to eat for a meal, and likely, not enough vegetables. You can also use smaller plates at home.

Make sure to plan out your grocery shopping list and the meals that you will have for the week. When we fail to plan, it is easy to resort to take-out food.

The extra 10 minutes is worth it—for your health and wallet! You will be trimming your waistline and your budget.

The key to succeeding is to be committed. Stick to the rule of eating from home, and your health will improve.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy recipe websites for home cooking:

Do you have any tricks for eating at home more?


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