Thursday, September 5, 2013


You may have heard many ways to boost your metabolism. Some of them are true , but some of them ( as you have probably discovered ) only said to increase metabolism and does not really work . Specifically , a diet pill that says it will increase your metabolism. Not only expensive , but can also be dangerous if consumed during certain time periods . Moreover, many , natural inexpensive ways to boost your metabolism without the use of pills ! You can increase your metabolism to lose weight, which is good . Even if you are not looking to lose weight , however , speed up your metabolism can actually improve digestion of food as it will not sit in your body , it will quickly use for power!

Build Muscle

This is one of the best proven ways to boost your metabolism naturally . Aside from genetics , body composition plays an important role in what their skills are burning calories . Having a healthy body with strong muscles requires more energy to keep a body composed mainly of fat , muscle and increase your metabolism significantly. This will increase your metabolism permanently, unlike many who take pills ! Building these muscles with weight training routines and maintain a healthy intake of protein for your needs. Do not be afraid of looking old ladies , not so!


Building muscle is not the only exercise you need to do for better metabolism! Studies have shown your ability to burn calories is high for hours after cardio. However, it should be noted that this is a (very important!) Temporary increase in metabolism, as opposed to building muscle . This means that your metabolism is accelerated and are a calorie burning machine ! Have you noticed ravenous after a difficult session , especially cardio ? This is due to increased metabolism induced by exercise , which means that increasing your metabolism more fuel than what is used for training by fire in their fuel. So make sure that you feed your metabolism with healthy meals after training to restore lost energy !

Eat Healthy

Do you ever heard of the raw diet ? you probably know that many people are thin and often consume 3,000 calories each day. Each one of them has not , so does not explain why everyone who goes to this diet you can eat as many calories without unnecessary weight gain . Therefore it is advisable to eat large quantities of raw whole foods increases your metabolism much . In addition to raw foods , spicy foods like cayenne pepper has been shown to increase metabolism temporarily. Healthy fats like coconut oil and avocados are also said to speed up your metabolism. Including some of these things in your diet would be a good place to start!

Sleep well

This is often overlooked as a way to speed up your metabolism , but it is so important! Getting enough sleep is important , but not the quality of sleep is more important. First, to ensure that you can sleep at least six hours every night to make sure the food is metabolized properly because your metabolism may not work as well ( like everything else in your body) when in sleep deprivation . Now , ensuring the quality of sleep is due to wake up full of energy and fresh rather than tired. To get the quality of sleep , make sure you are relaxed before bed and the light can not enter your room . I’ll note that your metabolism slows down when you’re sleeping , but getting a good night sleep to increase your metabolism for the day after.

Drink water

It has been shown that the more water you drink, the food is metabolized . In fact, drinking two cups of water in the morning has been shown to increase metabolism by 25 percent! Add a little lemon or green tea increases further, if you are looking for more flavor. Water is essential for all metabolic processes in our body, so it makes sense to drink more of it will increase your metabolism. I like to take a water bottle with me wherever I go, so it is easy and portable!



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