Monday, September 2, 2013

Tips for Flip-Flop Ready Feet…

I had to deal with problems before pedicure shit feet, so long ago that I am very picky about my mine did. Very easy to get a fungus or a number of problems, especially when the weather is hot.

Remove their shoes for the summer is very liberating! However, it comes with the risk of exposing your toes and feet warm and potentially dangerous elements. Podiatrist renowned Dr. Alphonse Tribuiani, co-inventor of the Deep Cover Nail, the first couture nail polish in the world to prevent, treat and cure ugly toe nail fungus toe, shares his top 7 tips to keep your feet fit and healthy all summer.
Tips for Foot Thongs & Fabulous!

Protecting bare feet or feet and toes exposed with an SPF of 50 (yes, 50) moisturizing sunscreen with vitamin A and E.Pumice their soles with exfoliating creams. Avoid rocks and rasps, which are breeding grounds for fungus.BYOP (Bring Your Own Polish) Nail salons and spas. (Sharing bottles = infection). If you must use super little sandals, choose those with better support and balance for free insensitive feet feet.If want, do not walk barefoot! (Insert cushions in the shoes, too.). Cut nails straight across, not rounded. The nails are rounded entries infections.Always using foot powder, even with socks! (After removing the socks, do not forget to release your feet and toes all the sock lint.)

Take care of your feet and still look good in all kinds of sandals all summer long!

Tips for Flip-Flop Ready Feet…


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