Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diet to Prevent Stress and Depression

The existence of environmental conditions that require someone to be fast paced and competitive, giving rise to its own pressure. Depression and stress can be experienced. At the time a person can no longer control the pressure inside, then thought someone was doing therapy and treatment. Sometimes nutrients are often overlooked as one of the factors that influence depression. Consumption of foods need to be considered by you to help relieve stress. A nutrition expert Elizabeth Somer, quoted from Thirdage, which divides the eight tips to ward off depression through nutrition settings.
1. Each food certainly contains some complex carbohydrates.
2. Foods containing sugar should be reduced. His successor was fresh fruit, breads, crisp vegetables, wheat bagel, or low-fat yogurt.
3. Reduce caffeine from coffee, tea, cocoa chocolate, cola, and unecessary drugs. Instead, drink more water.
4. Increase intake of vitamin B6 through the consumption of beans, chicken, fish, bananas, avocados, and leafy green vegetables.
5. To give your body time to adjust to the change needs to be done gradually. Thus ensuring this pattern you can do in the long run.
6. Moderate-dose multiple vitamin and mineral supplements should be consumed to fill the nutritional gaps. 7. Need to avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs that can bring emotional side effects. 9. Balance by doing regular exercise, develop effective problem-solving skills, and form a strong social support system. Nutritional control only serves as an endorsement of the overall healing process. Prompts for demean you is to consult a therapist or doctor if emotional problems that interfere survive in a long time.


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